I’ve written about technology and digital culture for the past decade. Here are some of my favorite pieces.


on Haaretz: a full list here.
on ynet: Uncovering the “Saudi” hacker | About the difference between cyber-warfare and cyber-vandalism |
On the toothless anti-free speech legislation in Israel.


My TV show, Link+ (Hebrew), aired in 2014. You can watch the whole thing online.

on Haaretz: a full list here.

ynet: Holocaust, Israeli Banks and PR | Ugly Israelis on Facebook | Why Do Divorcees Like Astrology? | The Turntable | Gilad Shalit, Facebook’s Refugee | Boooooooooooring | Back in the Day of the Tentacle | New In Israel: Creationism | All Wikilinks Lead to Philosophy | Facebook, Let the IntifadaLink Just Be | Happy Birthday, Stranger!

Room 404: The Kafkaesque Driver’s License | Israeli Talkbacks are Chilling | Why Won’t I Read Your Blog? | Army is Hung | Pelephone: Exciting Offers! | Big Brother, SEO, and Big Brother | Activists take on McCan

mako: Happy 25th, Tetris | Auto-translate fun | The ADD net | We Won’t Remember Susan Boyle | The Israeli Consulate Knows its Twitter | Cordwainer Smith Looked Like a Spy

Maariv / nrg: Frank Warren’s Secret | Cilantro | Marcus Friend and His Goldfish | XT Lore